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Goals of the mTeam project

The development of powerful, mobile devices, equipped with Internet connectivity and fast wireless local area networks, creates new opportunities for collaborative work. In the modern Knowledge Economy, mobile, nomadic knowledge workers work in flexible teams on projects that require a creative approach. The goal of the mTeam project is enabling the creation of applications that would exploit the full potential of mobile devices in the support of creative, collaborative work. The realization of this goal requires the fulfilment of several requirements:
  • Since the users of mobile devices do not always have Internet connectivity, collaborative applications should be distributed and able to work even in the absence of a fixed infrastructure.
  • Security, privacy and trust management are a crucial requirement for users of collaborative applications.
  • True collaboration exists only in a social context that should be expressed and used by the supporting applications.

The mTeam project will focus on the algorithmic foundations and basic research problems in realizing such decentralized collaborative applications, as well as systems issues like creation of middleware that can be used to support these applications. For the purpose of middleware evaluation, two applications will be developed that will exploit the entire spectrum of middleware functions: the TeamCreator and the TeamEnvironment.

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